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Ivybridge Regeneration

Welcome to our Ivybridge Regeneration Page

Now that the planning applications for the new supermarket and the public space improvements have been submitted, we're keen to make sure the information is available to everyone quickly and easily.

This page will be regularly updated with information about the proposal. You can also find some of the design details, including artist's impressions, key plans and a video 'fly through' of the proposal.

There is a link below for people who wish to comment on the application - if you have an opinion, whether positive or negative, we want to hear from you!

220217 - Ivybridge Regen Artists Impression [coloured].jpg

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If you have any questions, you can email the project team using the link at the bottom of the page.

Photo Gallery

These artist's impressions are intended to give an idea of what the finished development might look like.

They include the proposed car park changes, landscaping and improvements to the River Erme corridor.


For a more detailed look, scroll through the pictures using the arrow. You can also watch the site 'fly-through' video below.

Parking in Ivybridge during the Building Phase

The proposed works to Glanville’s Mill and Leonards’ Road car parks will cause some disruption to available parking in Ivybridge. The exact details of how the build will be phased have not been finalised, but at some point the car parks are likely to be closed or significantly impacted.


To try and offset this disruption, and maintain access to the town centre for everyone during the building, we are looking into ways we can provide temporary parking solutions and other alternatives.


For example, although Glanville’s Mill and Leonards road make up a significant proportion of the parking in the town centre, there are three other car parks available at Erme Court, Harford Road and Keaton Road. Ticket sales and surveys have shown that Harford Road and Keaton Road have low usage and we are looking into ways that they could be used more effectively during the building works.

Proposals to mitigate parking disruption in Ivybridge during the construction of the new supermarket

Click on the image to view a larger version in a new browser window, or download a PDF copy

Planning Application Now Live

The planning application for the proposals is now live for consultation. All comments are welcome, whether positive or negative, which will help the Development Management Committee make their decision.

To view the application, please click on the button below. This will take you to the application page on the website.

There is a link on the application which says "comment on this application." Click on this link on the application page to submit your comments.



It can take a few days before your comments are visible on the site. 

For more information about how to comment on any application, and what sort of things you might want to include, please see "Commenting on a Planning Application" on the South Hams District Council website.

The application will be determined by the Development Management Committee. This committee is made up of 12 councillors from across the District, with varying political backgrounds. You will be able to watch the meeting on our YouTube Channel.

We hope that the application will come before the committee on 8 July and will update this page if there are any changes.


Plans at a glance

The gallery below shows some of the key plans for the site. You can scroll through using the arrows, or click on each image to open a larger version in a new browser window.

These plans can also be downloaded in PDF format from the Links and Documents section below.

Links and Documents

E-mail the Ivybridge Regeneration Project Team:

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