Proposed Amendments to Parking at Follaton House


This consultation closed on 12 August 2021. We will share the results later this year.


Follaton House car park, on the grounds of the Council Offices in Totnes is a is private carpark for the benefit of the Council, its tenants and visitors to the site. 


Currently the public are able to use the eastern end outside the barrier to enjoy the arboretum open space.

However, South Hams District Council are proposing changes to the management of the Carpark and would like to views of its users - they are:

  • Apply a maximum stay of three hours no return within two hours at Follaton House car park to the area identified in Appendix A;

  • apply a maximum stay of three hours no return within two hours to the electric charging points located at Follaton House as identified in Appendix A;

  • to amend article 28 of the Off Street Parking Places Order to state: A Pay and Display Ticket issued by a Pay and Display Machine or through the Ticketless Facility following payment of the Parking Charge shall:

Follaton House Parking Consultation.JPG


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Proposal Notice

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Any person wishing to make objections or representations in respect of the proposed Order or any provision in it, must do so in writing or by email. 


Any objections or representations must be received by 5.00 pm on 12th August 2021, and specify the grounds on which they are made. Such objections or representations should be sent to the Senior Specialist-Parking at Follaton House, Plymouth Road, Totnes, TQ9 5NE or by email to